Challenging students academically in a fun, innovative and character-building environment.

Inspiring curiosity in our balanced learning environment lab.

Real-World, Hands-on Activities

Learning by Exploration & Application

Unique Collaboration & Innovation Space

Encouraging Tomorrow’s Innovators

Cielo Academy will have students within their own world of secrets and wonders by having them participate in a hand-on environment and creating their very own coding. They will make real world connections with what they design and customize in class. Afterward they will be able to share their creation and experience with all their new friends. CieloAcademy nurtures tomorrow’s generation of thinkers, innovators and leaders.

Empowering Students to Their Fullest

Passionate instructors who enjoy working with kids of all ages

Small classes, individual attention, 8 to 12 students

Classes are fun, creative & educational; students learn Java Script with ease

Empowering kids to work on their own & with others

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