Focused on delivering value to clients through innovation, efficiency and economy.


Global Team


We have a worldwide roster of clients and partners. We maintain a global network of key senior level professionals who create significant value in the areas of Strategy Development, Market Development, Account Acquisition, International Operations, Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Investment.

CieloAlliance Services


CieloAlliance excels in creating business value through the creation of innovative technology solutions. Through our family of companies we offer technology services enable our clients to build a competitive edge, improve revenue growth, enhance market share, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. We deliver exceptional and dependable engagements with a precise delivery plan, every time.


Virtual CIO

The CieloAlliance Virtual CIO Service enables the ability to fill key technology business roles without the fixed overhead cost to your organization. We have decades of experienced and skilled resources that will dene and deliver technology goals to improve your business. CieloAlliance will work with you to establish an approach that is best suited to meet your business needs. Our model is flexible, reliable, and results-driven.

Our services and partnership networks enable our clients to build a competitive edge, improve revenue growth, enhance market share, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Delivering Value Across Many Different Industries

Information Technology Services

Our Information Technology Division provides best of class technology solutions to clients. Our solutions include, Application Development, Cloud Services, Managed Services and Cyber Security. We partner with industry leading technology providers to build innovative solutions or solve legacy technology challenges using a cost effective and highly secure delivery framework.


Our team has vast experience in launching and operating global fintech companies. From start ups to unicorn firms, our combined intimate understanding of compliance, security and the global regulatory climate sets us apart from any competitor.

Internet of Things

Our work includes IoT Platform identification, proof of concept development, market identification and positioning, product launch, business development and lifecycle management.

Software Development

We support and work with our clients in needs assessment, solution development, system introduction/integrations and on-going support of client specific software requirements.

Professional Services

We work with business leaders and management teams from organizations around the world. We support their strategic initiatives with our Professional Service offerings through Management Consulting, Strategy Development, Partnership Selection and Customer Acquisition. We also have a variety of unique Team and Personnel Assessment and Training services.

Mission Critical Solutions

The Mission Critical Solutions Division is focused on building very complex and discrete solutions for Federal Government clients and companies that work for the Federal Government. Our solutions include engineering, robotics and concept development.

Cyber Security

We represent leading global cyber security firms to bring an industry leading portfolio of cyber security services, including penetration testing, forensics and real time threat services and Hunt Operations.

Cloud Hosting Services

We engage with multiple vendors to develop the correct solution for each stage and requirements for our clients’ data center, cloud infrastructure, and global network needs.

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