Artificial Intelligence and the Future

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that attempts to build smart devices and machines that are capable of performing tasks that can typically only be done by humans. The goal is to create machines that can draw from enormous sets of big data to “make decisions”  and problem-solve just as humans do. As the field progresses, we’ve seen countless examples of AI coming into our lives. What does the future hold? Let’s take a look!


This first future artificial intelligence application is already being covered by all kinds of media outlets; self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles are in the works all over the world! If we are able to create vehicles that can drive themselves, we remove the human error from the equation.

Most accidents are caused by delayed reaction times, distracted or impaired driving,  poor spatial awareness, etc. Machines would be able to remove these issues, thus making the road safer for everyone. There are, of course, many kinks that need to be worked out, and we can’t expect to see highways filled with automated vehicles for many years to come. That being said, there are constantly steps in the right direction! Some models can now park themselves without a driver in the vehicle, some warn you when you leave your lane, and others stop automatically when it senses something in front of you. Teams of experts are constantly working to perfect the system, hoping to create a 100% self-driving vehicle!


Many people don’t realize just how much work is being done in the realm of education! Artificial intelligence can completely revolutionize the way we learn. The idea is to develop virtual learning options that can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student and come up with personalized plans to help them succeed. The devices currently being worked on analyzing the child’s time the assignment takes, the number of correct answers, and can even analyze the face! There are machines in the works that can recognize when a child looks away from the screen to determine how distracted they are. There are also a number of developing software for higher education that offer personalized ways for students to grasp difficult subjects. Even typing is being improved with AI thanks to more accurate voice to text options. With the ever-growing rise of virtual or digital learning, this will be a booming area of artificial intelligence for sure!


Artificial Intelligence is completely changing the healthcare sphere. How?  By collecting big data and analyzing it,  AI programs are able to assist in diagnosing countless medical issues.  Several different companies have developed AI for earlier cancer detection as well as that for other serious health conditions. Millions of people are misdiagnosed by doctors every year, and the industry hopes that utilizing the database of knowledge big data provides can lessen this number significantly. The more accurate a diagnosis, the faster and more effectively patients can be treated. AI is even being used to suggest treatment plans based on a diagnosis! Rather than having to call around to find a specialist who has seen a  similar case, the AI system can simply hunt down the data right then and there and spit back some results. Artificial Intelligence is being combined with many other fields to improve the healthcare system. It can help develop new drugs, identify underlying causes of disease, and more! To read some fascinating examples of artificial intelligence in healthcare, check out​.

Smart Homes

Finally, we can definitely expect to see smart homes (and smart devices in general) in the near future. We already have technology that can respond to your voice and execute commands.  Experts aren’t stopping there! There are many things that would be made easier and more efficient with the use of artificial intelligence. We are slowly seeing products come out that show the possibilities in the field. For example, there are refrigerators that can alert you when you are low on an item inside. There are ovens that know what temperature to set based on the food item you’re making. Doors and windows can be locked with a phone app. There seems to be no limited insight as to what AI can do for people in their day-to-day lives. With the help of artificial intelligence, homes can be 100% effective at conserving energy, reducing waste, and more! We can’t wait to see what’s next!

These are just a few of the many, many upcoming AI projects. Companies are working fervently to make lives easier with the use of machines and technology. Many people fear AI because of movies and theories that it will take over and eliminate jobs, but so far, we’ve seen far more benefits than we have problems. If you’re ready to learn more about AI and how it can help your business, contact the Cielo Global Holdings team! We specialize in big data technologies and can help you find solutions to reach your goals. Visit ​​ to learn more or call us at (806) 410-1304.

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